Art Installation Creates Functional, Expressive Wyandot Center Lobby


Wyandot Center  pic

Wyandot Center

An outpatient psychiatrist serving the needs of Kansas City patients, Dr. Christie Mensch treats patients with conditions ranging from schizophrenia to anxiety, and has a strong interest in pet therapy. Dr. Christie Mensch practices with the Wyandot Center. Focused on the patient experience, the Wyandot Center recently took steps to mitigate the effects of a high ceiling in the lobby on 47th Street.

The issue was that sounds and voices were magnified in an environment where personal and confidential information was often being conveyed. The anxiety created in visitors was identified by employees of the building as an issue that could benefit from a creative solution that would be expressive and therapeutic.

The result has been the installation of 75 wall panels that feature artwork with inspirational and soothing themes. Included is client art that conveys a sense of hope, as well as success stories associated with patients. The functional, trauma-informed installations serve to brighten the space, while creating an atmosphere more conducive to psychological counseling.


Community Outreach at the University of Kansas Medical Center

Institute for Community Engagement pic

Institute for Community Engagement

A psychiatrist at Wyandot Center since September 2015, Dr. Christie Mensch manages evaluations, diagnosis and treatment of patients struggling with behavioral and emotional disorders. Dr. Christie Mensch is a graduate and charitable supporter of the University of Kansas Medical Center.

In addition to providing education and training in various health fields, the University of Kansas Medical Center oversees the Institute for Community Engagement, which encourages and provides students with opportunities to undertake outreach work within the community.

Healthy Hawks is one of the Institute’s initiatives. This program assists families in their efforts to correct adolescent weight-related issues. Developed in 2004, Healthy Hawks delivers information about healthy eating and active lifestyles that suits the family dynamic and fosters higher self-esteem.

The Institute for Community Engagement also offers educational opportunities for high school students in the state. Women in Health Care: The Next Generation is one such program, designed to inspire young women to pursue health-related education.

Each year, this three-day event invites a number of junior and senior secondary students to the Medical Center, where they can explore the campus and interact with the university’s health care students and professionals.