University of Kansas Medical Center – Canine Chemotherapy Trials

Canine Chemotherapy Trials pic

Canine Chemotherapy Trials

Psychiatrist Dr. Christie Mensch offers outpatient mental health services to patients at the Wyandot Center in Kansas City, Kansas. Alongside her commitment to her own patients’ medical care, Dr. Christie Mensch supports the University of Kansas Medical Center’s valuable work.

The University of Kansas Medical Center is dedicated to educating healthcare professionals and providing high-quality medical care to the people of Kansas. It is also a regional hub for medical research, and has made significant advancements in the understanding of Alzheimer’s, various cancers, and other conditions in recent years.

The University of Kansas Medical Center has enjoyed a recent success with an injectable chemotherapy trial for dogs. HylaPlat, the drug being tested, is a combination of cisplatin and hyaluronan. The compound was injected directly into cancerous oral tumors on seven large breed canine trial participants, all of whom were pets, not laboratory animals.

Two of the first seven dogs experienced partial remission, and three others were cancer-free after the trial. These encouraging results and an accompanying news story inspired dog owners around the world to get in touch with Kansas researchers, who ultimately opened the trials to dogs of all sizes and with varying types of cancers.

This trial is still accepting patients. If your dog is a cancer patient, you may get in touch with researchers by emailing


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