A Handful of the Must-See Places in Campania, Italy

Campania Italy

Campania Italy


An accomplished psychiatrist, Dr. Christie Mensch enjoys traveling throughout Europe. Also an amateur cook, Dr. Christie Mensch is especially fond of Italy because of the flavors of regions like Tuscany and Campania.

One of the best destinations for an Italian vacation, Campania has many things to do and see. Perhaps the biggest attraction in the region is Mount Vesuvius and the destroyed ancient cities Pompeii and Herculaneum, but another activity is a cruise of the Amalfi Coast, home to some of the best citrus in the world.

Another top destination in Campania is the Sorrento Peninsula, which has a number of quaint towns, as well as Capri, a historic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Roman emperors would often vacation on Capri, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful parts of country.

History buffs should spend time in Paestum, which has some of the best-preserved Greek and Etruscan monuments in mainland Italy. Paestum is a region in the Bay of Naples. The capital of Campania, Naples is a modern city that still has many remnants of its beginnings in the Middle Ages.


Popular Staples of British Cuisine

Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding


Based in Kansas City, Kansas, Christie Mensch is a psychiatrist for the Wyandot Center, where she treats various mental-health disorders. Outside of her medical life, Christie Mensch enjoys traveling around Europe and cooking, often striving to replicate the taste and style of English cuisine.

Like all countries, England, as well as all of Great Britain, possesses a uniquely tasty combination of original dishes and food staples. Some of Great Britain’s tastiest and most beloved dishes include the following:

– Fish and chips: A popular treat throughout England, pieces of fish, such as cod and haddock, are breaded, deep fried, and then served alongside chips (fries) and tartar sauce.

Yorkshire pudding: A savory pudding with an airy crust, Yorkshire pudding consists of batter and beef drippings.

– Scotch egg: A soft-boiled egg is wrapped in a layer of sausage, breaded, and then fried for a deliciously crispy texture.

– Beef Wellington: Savory and filling, a beef Wellington is made by stuffing mushrooms and a large piece of meat, usually a fillet, into a flaky pastry.

Pet Therapy Can Help With Mental Disorders and Other Health Issues

Pet Therapy pic

Pet Therapy
Image: dogtime.com

Christie Mensch currently works as a psychiatrist at the Wyandot Center in Kansas City, Kansas. Focusing on mental-health disorders such as depression and anxiety, Christie Mensch has a particular interest in pet therapy.

Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy (AAT), is a common alternative form of therapy in which domesticated animals are used to treat people with mental disorders and other health problems. Unlike animal-assisted activities (AAA), AAT is highly structured and goal-oriented. Through AAT, a professional handler guides and facilitates healthy interaction between the patient and the animal in order to reach specific goals as designated by the patient’s doctor or therapist. The most commonly used therapy animals are cats and dogs, though guinea pigs, fish, horses, and other domesticated animals may be used, depending on the treatment plan.

There are many benefits, both physical and mental, of pet therapy, such as increased self-esteem and improved motor skills. Pet therapy also can reduce boredom and anxiety by improving a patient’s mood and relationships.