Types of Medication Used to Treat Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders pic

Anxiety Disorders
Image: webmd.com

Dr. Christie Mensch works at Wyandot Center in Kansas City, where she provides a variety of mental health services. As well as diagnosing adults with conditions such as anxiety disorders, Dr. Christie Mensch prescribes treatment to help patients have a better quality of life.

Anxiety exists in different forms and severity, and the right course of treatment varies between individuals. For instance, some people might do well with forms of talk therapy alone, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Other individuals might benefit from taking medication to alleviate the troubling symptoms of anxiety, which may include feelings of panic or a sensation of being constantly on edge.

A number of types of prescription medications for anxiety exist. For instance, a doctor might prescribe an antidepressant to treat anxiety. While these medications do have side effects, including a risk of suicidal thoughts or actions in some cases, many people can tolerate these symptoms, especially when a small starting dose is gradually increased to the proper amount.

Other drugs used to treat anxiety include benzodiazepines, which help address symptoms such as extreme worry. Whether or not these medications are used to treat anxiety depends on the type of anxiety the person experiences. For example, social anxiety might be treated with antidepressants first and benzodiazepines as a second-line approach.

Finally, a doctor may prescribe beta-blockers, another family of medications, to lessen physical manifestations of anxiety, such as shaking or a racing heartbeat. A doctor can provide additional information on the possible advantages and risks of different drugs for anxiety and manage a person’s individual course of treatment.


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