The Benefits of Pet Therapy for People with Depression

Pet Therapy pic

Pet Therapy

Psychiatrist Christie Mensch focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health issues. In treating patients, Christie Mensch and other mental health professionals use therapeutic approaches such as pet therapy.

Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, involves the use of domesticated animals to treat psychological disorders such as depression. Here are some ways on how pets can treat people with depression:

Unconditional love – the attention and loyalty of a pet manifests the uncomplicated kind of love it has for humans. Unlike strained human relationships, pets are without judgment, thus encouraging individuals to freely express their innermost thoughts.

Responsibility – Being responsible for another being, such as a pet, helps people with depression regain direction and focus. Taking care of a pet also gives a person a sense of value and importance.

Companionship and social interaction – Depression leads people to isolate themselves from friends and loved ones. With a pet, patients are never alone. Having a pet also provides more opportunities for social interaction, such as walking the dog or visiting the vet.


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