England’s Hearty Traditional Cumberland Pie


Cumberland Pie pic

Cumberland Pie
Image: britishfood.about.com

Dr. Christie Mensch is a respected Kansas City physician who treats patients for anxiety and depression at the Wyandot Center. With a passion for travel, Dr. Christie Mensch has visited destinations throughout Europe, from Italy to England, and she particularly enjoys British cuisine.

One of the traditional hearty dishes popular throughout England is the Cumberland pie, which stands as a variant on the shepherd’s pie, which is made with lamb, and the cottage pie. It dates at least as far back as medieval times, when wild game and dried fruits were often used in various dishes.

Cooked in a baking dish, the contemporary Cumberland pie features a combination of meat, celery, carrots, onions, and other seasonal vegetables. Worcestershire sauce adds a distinctive flavor, as do fresh thyme and bay leaves. Potatoes are boiled separately and sliced and layered on top of the meat, with breadcrumbs and cheese sprinkled as a finishing touch. The dish is baked in the oven until the top is crisp and golden, with the meat sauce bubbling underneath.


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